Welcome to Baker Native Tree Farm

Our tree farm is located in East Texas, about halfway between Lindale, TX and Mineola, TX. Since 1983 we have been running a large mixed breed cattle operation of 300 to 350 head of cattle annually, and in 2012 we added our tree farm on the same land. We focus mainly on drought tolerant, low water usage trees and bushes in 5, 15, and 30 gallon containers. Our main goal is to provide top of the line landscape trees that are native to Texas and the surrounding areas. Over time we have constantly been enlarging our tree farm, while, also, implementing new, better growing techniques. We have done our absolute best to take the great advice from our fellow growers all around the East Texas area, and we have done everything we can to have some of the nicest drought tolerant, low water usage landscape trees and bushes that you will find anywhere. Our trees are now better than ever before, and we aim for even more success in the tree growing business.